Rotoblock Form Joint Venture to Manufacture Advanced Energy Efficient and Environmental Machinery

Engine technology firm Rotoblock Corp. and Nanjing's Hikom Gottell announce joint plans to open a modern manufacturing facility that will produce advanced energy efficient and environmental machinery and equipment, including small engines, heat pumps and air-conditioning for global markets.

Last week, Rotoblock announced an agreement to purchase controlling interest in Hikom Gottell for US$25 Million ($25,000,000). Rotoblock will purchase the hard assets of Hikom Gottell's 10-acre manufacturing complex in Nanjing, its land, factories, manufacturing equipment, testing facilities and delivery trucks as well as the name Hikom Gottell and its distribution network.

"We intend to market Hikom Gottell's current and future product lines globally under the Rotoblock name," said CEO Mr. Chin Chih Liu. "Working together I believe we can expand the business and enter new markets."

Mr. Liu also noted, "The household central air conditioning units are a new-generation of products manufactured by Hikom Gottell. With intelligent and flexible controls, this line meets a new standard of efficiency, comfort, and safety, while bringing the enjoyment of central air conditioning. Small, quiet, and convenient, these units are ideal for stores, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment venues."

Ground source heat pump central air-conditioner systems are also one of the main products provided of Hikom Gottell. The system, through its advanced heat pump units, changes low level heat energy absorbed from solar energy, then contained in the soil, ground water, and surface water (such as water in rivers, lakes, and seas) into utilizable high level heat energy which is supplied to buildings for cooling or heating purposes.

According to Mr. Liu, "Hikom Gottell has developed a reputation as a leader in air-conditioning and heat pumps with its nationwide sales network and quality assurance after-market support. These products, many of which are developed independently, have all earned international certifications of quality, including the 'Famous Chinese Brand with Perfect Quality' distinction among its peer companies. By doing this, Hikom Gottell has earned many respected customers throughout China."

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