OSRAM New Automotive LED System Introduced in the New 2010 Ford Mustang

When the new 2010 Ford Mustang cruised onto the stage at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, Nov. 19, practically everything that lit it up, inside and out, was powered by OSRAM products. America's pony car includes innovative lighting from front to back including the unique sequential rear turn signal powered by OSRAM JOULE(TM) standardized automotive LED system.

The 2010 Ford Mustang's unique sequential rear turn signal is powered by the OSRAM JOULE(TM) standardized automotive LED system. (PRNewsFoto/OSRAM)

OSRAM JOULE System illuminates the 2010 Mustang's turn, brake and taillight functions. Unlike traditional incandescent signal lights, the JOULE System uses tiny LEDs that consume 10 times less energy, generate less waste and offer vehicle designers unprecedented design flexibility. Compared to incandescent light sources, JOULE Systems can save a driver up to 4 gallons of gasoline every year.

OSRAM LED technology also lights the Mustang's interior, providing the distinctive Ice Blue glow to the center stack, window switches, door lock lights and headlamp switches. The Mustang's ambient interior lighting system uses the OSRAM TOPLED family of LEDs to flood color into the cup holders, door panels, foot wells and console. The programmable system allows occupants to customize the interior color by choosing from seven colors -- red, green, blue, orange, purple, white and Ice Blue -- to suit the mood.

OSRAM TOPLED was the driver behind the industry-first color-configurable instrument cluster in the 2005 Ford Mustang and continues to provide the color lighting source for the 2010 Mustang's interior lighting.

"LEDs continue to define the future of automobile lighting when it comes to environmental sustainability, practical functionality and design flexibility," said David Hulick, global product marketing manager at OSRAM for its Automotive LED Systems Strategic Business Segment. "The reduction in energy consumption, coupled with its long-lasting durability means less waste is generated in the form of replacement parts and packaging. The design flexibility offered by LEDs makes them even more desirable for defining the signature look of one of America's most celebrated vehicles."

The 2010 Ford Mustang's design is a more aggressive and muscular take on the iconic look that has come to define Mustang, while drawing inspiration from the car's rich heritage. For example, the new vertical taillamp design utilizes three LED bulbs that fire sequentially, from the center out, a feature not seen on Mustang since the 1960s.

As the first standardized LED system, JOULE makes LED technology more accessible in the marketplace by providing OEM designers with a reliable, industry standardized light source that simplifies the design process and can be utilized by many vehicle platforms for rear combination lamp assemblies (RCLs). The OSRAM JOULE System helps vehicle manufacturers incorporate the functionality, durability, energy-savings, and distinctive styling that today's consumers look for in a vehicle.

Along with the Mustang's distinctive rear combination taillamps, OSRAM worked closely with Valeo Sylvania to supply the complete exterior package including the, fog lamps, LED CHMSL, front and rear side marker lamps and the D3S XENON headlamps. The 2010 Mustang is the sixth Ford Motor Company vehicle to benefit from OSRAM mercury-free, high-intensity discharge lighting technology, offered as an option.

"We're proud Ford Motor Company looked to OSRAM, the world leader in automotive lighting when creating the latest Ford Mustang," said Hulick. "From the bright illumination of the D3S mercury-free XENON HID headlamps to the cool convenience of the interior dome lamp, OSRAM is as much a part of Mustang as Mustang is a part of the American fabric."

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