Comprehensive Review of Structure, Properties and Applications of Polyolefin Fibres

Polyolefins are one of the most commonly used commercial polymers with noticeable benefits including durability and versatility as well as being both chemically resistant and light weight. This group of fibres are becoming ever more prominent in the textile industry due to the application of polyolefin fibres ranging from the health care sector to automotive products.

Polyolefin fibres: Industrial and medical applications from Woodhead Publishing provides a comprehensive review of the structure, properties and applications of this group of fibres. Methods to improve the functionality of polyolefin fibres are assessed to further utilize these important polymers. Specific chapters focus on enhancing hygiene properties, colouration and dyeability as well as improving the use of polyolefin fibres in non-wovens.

Different types of polyolefins are explored in terms of both structural and chemical properties with particular focus on polyethylene and polypropylene. Practical considerations have been made with the inclusion of a chapters dedicated to both the testing and quality control of polyolefin and production methods for polyolefin fibres. The title concludes with an examination of how polyolefins can be incorporated into specific applications such as technical textiles and hygiene uses.

Written by distinguished team of international contributor, Polyolefin fibres: Industrial and medical applications is an essential reference for textile technologists, fibre scientists, yarn and fabric manufacturers and also those in academia.

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