Canon Produces Green Calculators from Recycled Materials

As part of its commitment to the environment, Canon Australia has launched a new range of "green" calculators that have been manufactured using recycled materials from end-of-life Canon photocopiers. Made from up to 80% of recycled materials, Canon's new calculator range highlights Canon's commitment to its kyosei philosophy - living and working together for the common good - as well as technological innovation.

"Canon's new LS-63TG, HS-20TG and TS-1200TG calculator range is just one example of Canon's commitment to sustainable business through product development," stated Alyson Barden, Brand Manager, Consumer Imaging Products Group, Canon Australia. "We will continue to look for ways to reduce the life cycle impacts of all our products and this includes doing our part to support resource conservation and reduced wastage by reusing materials from end-of-life products."

Recycled Ratio Process
One Canon copier can produce up to 4,781g of recycled plastic, which equals 259 units of the LS-63TG calculator, 58 units of the HS-20TG and 35 units of the TS-1200TG.

Although keys and acrylic display covers continue to use new plastic, the top and bottom cases, use recycled material, and these account for most of each calculator's physical makeup. The LS-63TG is made from 80% recycled material, the HS-20TG uses 68% recycled parts and the TS-1200TG comprises 73% recycled plastic.

Quick Counting Green Machines
Canon's new calculators are a great addition to any office and can perform a number of vital functions, including tax calculation.

"Each year Canon reinvests close to 10% of global net sales back in R&D to improve product performance and life cycle product impact - and this includes the development of advanced materials," said Ms Barden. "For the 17th consecutive year, Canon was among the top three private sector companies granted patents in the US during 2008, which is testament to how seriously we pursue technological innovation."

The Canon range begins with the LS-63TG, a handheld 47g device that features a large LCD screen, real metal upper case and rubber keys. The HS-20TG is a mid-range desktop calculator which is classic and lightweight. This model includes larger function buttons for easier calculation. The top-of-line desktop TS-1200TG has an extra large LCD screen, adjustable display and upper case with metal Spray cosmetic.

Additionally, all calculators feature an easy-to-use battery cover for safe and separate battery exchange.

Think Smart, Think Green
The recycled calculator range supports Canon's global environmental philosophy of kyosei, which is translated from Japanese as "living and working together for the common good." This philosophy looks to achieve corporate growth and development, while contributing to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of humankind, which includes eco-responsibility.

Canon products support kyosei by incorporating environmental technologies aimed at improving performance and ease-of-use while reducing the burden on the environment.

Kyosei is practiced globally throughout Canon, through recycling of consumable print cartridges and producing materials free of hazardous substances. The company actively engages in prototype-less development processes to conserve resources and energy, and pursues the development of substitute technologies to replace hazardous substances.

Key Product Points:

  • Product materials made from recycled copiers
  • Instruction manuals and packaging created from recycled paper
  • Large LCD screens, metal upper cases
  • Tax calculation and GT functions

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