Turning Mountain Climbing Rope into Other Mountaineering Equipment

Rhodia and Millet announced their intention to develop "closed-loop" recycling flows for polyamide. The two companies have launched an initial project aimed at recycling used mountain climbing rope into engineering plastic materials for the manufacture of mountain sports equipment.

Rhodia’s objective is to develop “closed-loops” for end-of-life polyamide and expand the development of its 4earthTM range of recycled polyamide.

“This project is an excellent illustration of Rhodia’s environmental commitment, which includes a focus on developing "closed-loop" partnerships with key players in polyamide markets. Rhodia’s intent is to support its customers in their eco-design strategies based on the increased use of high-performance recycled materials from sustainable, ecologically responsible channels,” according to Richard Bourdon, who is responsible for the development of recycling at Rhodia Polyamide. “Other similar projects are already in preparation with the goal of extending the concept to all markets in which we operate. We designed the 4earthTM brand to serve as a true benchmark for recycled polyamides; in addition to providing all the quality and secure-supply guarantees expected by our customers, it will have tangible, quantifiable environmental benefits.”

Millet’s objective is to secure and expand its approach to eco-design. Working with a leading polyamide expert, such as Rhodia, will provide access to its specialized expertise and its global industrial recycling network.

“The technical quality of our products is an everyday concern for us. Without sacrificing product performance, we would like to significantly increase the percentage of recycled materials that go into our products; this will enable us to enhance our products’ image and bring our personal aspirations somewhat closer into line with our concern for preserving the majestic mountain environment for future generations of mountain sport enthusiasts. Our partnership with Rhodia will enable us to accelerate this process,” affirms Laurent Bouvet, Millet’s manager for rope products. He adds: “An analysis of all our product ranges quickly shows that polyamide, in all its various forms, is a basic raw material for Millet and the Lafuma group. The creation of this initial virtuous recycling loop for polyamide based on this source of used mountain rope is perfectly in keeping with the Lafuma group’s longstanding commitment to do more with less (i.e. create more top-quality sustainable products with less environmental impact).”


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