Space Technology Made Available to the Masses

ESA's Technology Transfer Programme holds its second annual 'SpaceTransfer' event at this year's Hanover Fair from 20 to 24 April. SpaceTransfer09 presents a number of impressive spin-offs, illustrating the potential of advanced space technology.

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme holds its second annual ‘SpaceTransfer’ event at this year’s Hanover Fair from 20 to 24 April. SpaceTransfer09 is dedicated to space technology transfer, and presents a number of impressive spin-offs illustrating the potential of advanced space technology.

The SpaceTransfer09 event in Hanover offers European industry access to innovative ideas which were originally developed and funded by European space programmes. During this global economic crisis, industry should take advantage of the knowledge and technologies that already exist in Europe.

SpaceTransfer09's objective is to foster the transfer of knowledge, know-how and technology from space to non-space sectors. ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) has teamed up with its prime technology transfer broker MST Aerospace, the aerospace company VEGA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, the watchmaker Fortis, which has a strong relationship with the space industry, and many more industrial partners, to support transfer between the space and non-space industry. The annual SpaceTransfer event was initiated by ESA's Technology Transfer Programe Office last year. This year it is located at the Hanover Fair in Hall 2, Stand E30.

Many people do not realise that numerous products contain elements that originate from space technology. The actuator for an airbag, for example, comes from space technology, as do fireproof garments for firefighters, and exotic items such as the material used for the tailgate of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder car. The latter will be showcased on ESA's stand in Hanover to illustrate the very latest technology transfer developments in the automobile industry.

Eleven companies will present their successful technology transfers at SpaceTransfer09, highlighting the huge potential and opportunities of technologies, systems and expertise used in Europe's space programmes.

"If you have a technology problem, just come and speak with us. We have a track record of helping develop some truly incredible solutions for any kind of industry. We can help you find yours," says Werner Dupont, Head of MST Aerospace, who will be available to answer questions and give advice to industry on how to profit from space technology developments. ESA and its broker network of companies have already implemented more than 230 technology transfers.

Lower Saxony's State Prime Minister Christian Wulff will visit SpaceTransfer09 on Tuesday 21 April at 16:30 CEST. The show is co-sponsored by Lower Saxony's Future and Innovation Fund Foundation, and by the Hanover Fair.

Frank M. Salzgeber, Head of ESA's TTPO, says: "We Europeans have recognised that innovation is the key to the future. Knowledge is our capital. Technology transfer from the field of aerospace can give Europe's research and technology development a major boost. So let's work towards exploiting this capital together in Hanover".

The complete 2009 programme will be presented to the public at a press conference on Monday 20 April at 13:00 CEST in Hall 2, Stand E30. The guest of honour will be the Paralympic gold medal winner Wojtek Czyz, who has achieved international success with an artificial limb developed using aerospace research. Germany's first private female suborbital spaceflight participant, Sonja Rohde, who is set to go into space with Virgin Galactic in 2010, will also attend.

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ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO)

The main mission of the TTPO is to facilitate the use of space technology and space systems for non-space applications and to demonstrate the benefit of the European space programme to European citizens. The office is responsible for defining the overall approach and strategy for the transfer of space technologies including the incubation of start-up companies and their funding.

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