Single Leaf Construction Design Guide Available From Ceram

Experts at CERAM’s Building Technology Division (CBT) have produced the definitive Design Guide for Single Leaf construction for one and two storey buildings. It provides guidance to designers and contractors on the way insulated masonry can be used effectively and safely to form the structural shell of a house or bungalow.

CBT are hailing the guide as a milestone in the development of a walling system and it builds upon earlier work, which has been supplemented by further research and the construction of a Demonstration House.

The key developments are the introduction of a larger and wider clay unit which leads to enhanced stability during construction, greater thermal insulation than previously, proven acoustic performance and a redesigned floor to wall connection. The Demonstration House matches the thin structural wall to a pile and ground beam foundation system.

Geoff Edgell of CBT explained: “The original concept for the single leaf construction was conceived in the 1980’s. Considerable research was carried out to adopt the so called “through the wall unit” construction from the USA. This was primarily concerned with the basic rain resistance of the wall and other areas vulnerable to water penetration and concentrated on single and dorma applications. Further research and extensive testing and development have extended its application to include two storey dwellings”.

“Overall the construction meets all regulatory requirements, is strong on economic and environmental grounds and uses skills efficiently to produce the system which has now been called “Traditional Plus”.

The Traditional Plus Single and Two Storey Design Guide is available free of charge from CERAM Building Technology, designers and contractors can also obtain information regarding experience in building with Traditional Plus by contacting Geoff Edgell at CERAM Building Technology on +44 (0)1782 764400.

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