NuSil Increases Silicone Offerings for the Aerospace Industry

NuSil Technology, a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone-based materials for aerospace, aircraft, electronics and photonics industries, announces the launch of an extension to its line of adhesives and sealants. R-3930 is a fluorosilicone, one-part silicone elastomer designed to cure under ambient conditions.

Tested alongside fuels, such as JP8 and DiEGME, NuSil's R-3930 is ideal for coating, sealing and bonding applications requiring fuel or solvent resistance. This unique elastomer is a room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone elastomer dispersed in tertbutyl (T-butyl) acetate with a wide operating temperature range.

"We aim to develop innovative silicone materials for practical and unique applications," said Brian Nash, vice president of Marketing and Sales. "R-3930 addresses many of the challenges faced while working on large platforms or where surfaces may be exposed to harsh conditions such as corrosive solvents or fuels."

Intended for spraying and dip-casting, this versatile material is uniquely designed for curing in thin elastomeric films. It is both easy to work with in the field and to apply on large surfaces, and the cure time may be accelerated with the slight addition of heat. R-3930 bonds aggressively to most surfaces without the need of a primer and is excellent for consideration as a coating to minimize ice adhesion.

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