Comprehensive Review of Biomaterials for Bone Repair

Bone repair remains a key component in the ever expanding biomaterials industry which has benefited from rapid technological advancement. The ever increasing use of biomaterials in clinical applications has led to a heightened awareness of the specific requirements of various clinical procedures and the need for development focused on meeting these needs.

Bone repair biomaterials from Woodhead Publishing is a unique title that comprehensively reviews the materials science, engineering principles and recent advances in this area of medical development. The first part of the book assesses the challenges encountered on social, economical and clinical levels. The concept of bone repair is further explored with a review of bone healing and growth factors determining bone repair.

The science and properties of biomaterials used for bone repair are examined in detail incorporating metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. A specific chapter on bioactive polymer coatings to improve bone repair includes the new approach of grafting bioactive polymers onto titanium implants. A final set of chapters discuss clinical applications and consideration the use of bone repair materials in orthopaedic surgery and bone tissue engineering. The book concludes with an important assessment of ethical issues in bone repair including clinical trials and access to therapy.

With its distinguished editors and team of international contributors, Bone repair biomaterials is an invaluable reference for researchers and clinicians within the biomedical industry and academia.

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