Polycarbonate Ultra Precision Carrier Tape Protects Electronic Components During Transportation

3M Polycarbonate Ultra Precision Carrier (UPC) Tape 3000UP and 3000UB, recently introduced by the 3M Electronic Solutions Division, offers electronic component manufacturers a reliable and convenient means of protecting and transporting small electronic components, helping to minimize product loss.

3M UPC tape is designed to meet the growing challenges of packaging and transporting smaller and thinner electrical and electronic devices in tape and reel. The carrier tape is designed to minimize tilt, flip and migration of small and ultra thin components while in transport. The static-dissipative properties of 3M UPC tape provide excellent protection for static-sensitive components.

The carrier tape's precision pocket cavity dimensions, tight tolerances and small pocket holes enhance component-in-pocket fit and registration of electronic components. Unique tooling and precision processing technology from 3M enables form sizes as low as to 0603 (0201). Nominal UPC tape pocket-hole-forming capability, down to 0.20 mm, restricts movement and tilting to allow component placement into pocket cavities accurately during component insertion applications. An ultra-small pocket hole is available for vacuum to enhance component stability during taping applications. The carrier tape is also available in a clean room packaging format.

The carrier tape's high-temperature resistance, high tensile strength and low shrinkage characteristics bolster dimensional accuracy for consistent component-in-pocket form.

3M UPC tape is compatible with most cover tapes on the market. 3M recommends 3M Universal Cover Tape (UCT) with pressure sensitive adhesive for optimal protection and system performance.

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