New Potting and Encapsulating Elastomer with Excellent Properties from NuSil

NuSil Technology, a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone-based materials for aerospace, aircraft, electronics and photonics industries, recently added SCV-2585, a new potting and encapsulating elastomer offering robust mechanical and physical properties, to its line of Ultra Low Outgassing silicone materials.

SCV-2585 is an excellent fit for electronic and space applications requiring Ultra Low Outgassing and minimal volatile condensables under extreme operating conditions. Due to its high tear strength, SCV-2585 is ideal for use in potting connectors, cable harness breakouts, molded high-voltage terminals, and seals and gaskets. This elastomer far surpasses industry-standard ASTM E595 and boasts <0.010% CVCM and TML <0.10%, while maintaining excellent mechanical and physical properties, which are often compromised when achieving low outgassing and Ultra Low Outgassing properties.

"Physical and mechanical properties in combination with low outgassing requirements have traditionally been a give and take," said Brian Nash, vice president of Sales & Marketing at NuSil Technology, "but SCV-2585's unique chemistry creates a durable material, while still far exceeding industry standards for CVCM and TML."

With a work time of 30 to 90 minutes and tack-free in eight hours, SCV-2585 offers convenience and simple application. It also features a wide operating temperature range and the ability to accelerate cure with the addition of heat.

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