Universal Plastic Handcuff Keys Now Come in a Range of Colors

Larson Electronics Magnalight announced the introduction of white, tan and olive green universal handcuff keys. The patented universal handcuff key opens any brand of handcuff and is made of a uniquely blended thermoplastic material. The key itself is encapsulated in a retaining ring. Just slightly larger than a nickel, the plastic universal handcuff key can be hooked and hidden on shirt buttons, clothing tags, hat brims and other concealed areas. Popular with the various branches of the US military as an escape and evade kit component, known as SERE kits, this universal handcuff key has traditionally has been black in color.

Plastic universal handcuff key.

While the black is easily disguise even on white clothing, the new colors, including tan, white and olive green integrate more thoroughly into clothing, the backs of watches and other accessories such as shoes. The key itself can be removed and deployed with a thumb and forefinger from its hiding place and then pushed from the retaining ring into position to unlock cuffs. The unique material makes this operation silent and the key itself is tough enough to be used as a daily duty key. More importantly, the non-metallic material is undetectable by metal detectors, including the most current x-ray type of metal detectors.

"This key was designed for hostage evasion for military, undercover officers and VIPs who may find themselves help prisoner," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics Magnalight. "By hiding several of these keys all over their clothing, hats, shoes and other articles, they create opportunities to escape and survive. Encapsulated in a finger condom, this key can even be swallowed and passed by downed air force pilots. The key is a $5 insurance policy to help save your life. With increased military activity around the world and global rise of kidnapping for money events, we have seen this concealable universal handcuff key grow in popularity, akin to armored vehicles and other personal safety measures. The colors we have chosen for the key are ideal for US military uniforms, however, these same key colors blend well with standard clothing articles as well. This handcuff key is lightweight, durable and silently deployed with just a thumb and forefinger, so the hiding placing are limited only by your ingenuity and what you can access while handcuffed.

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