New Lubricants Protect Communication Cables During Installation

Three new lubricants introduced by the 3M Communication Markets Division are designed to help communication service providers protect their investment when pulling cable. 3M Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cable Lubricant, 3M Multi-Purpose Gel Cable Lubricant and 3M Multi-Purpose Liquid Cable Lubricant offer superior friction reduction and easy application when used on cable during installation.

3M Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cable Lubricant is designed for fiber, copper and coaxial cables types. The lubricant provides immediate tension reduction that lasts even after it has dried, reducing the need to re-apply, boosting productivity and curbing costs. It is also highly concentrated, so less lubricant is required than standard lubricants. The concentrated lubricant is available in three forms - a spray, a wipe and a pourable liquid - to provide the most efficient application for each situation. Wipes and spray applications are well suited for category 6 cables and vertical cable jobs.

3M Multi-Purpose Gel Cable Lubricant is a high-performance, thick, silicone gel containing microspheres, which offer added friction reduction. 3M Multi-Purpose Gel lubricant is a high viscosity lubricant designed for heavier cable jackets for both inside and outside environments. 3M Multi-Purpose Liquid Cable Lubricant's is a low viscosity lubricant that is formulated for longer cable pulls. It is designed for fiber, copper and coaxial cable types. Both lubricants are designed to dry slowly, reducing the need to re-apply.

All three of the new cable lubricants from 3M are compatible with commonly used communication cable jackets, so one product can be used for a variety of cable pulling jobs. The lubricants are non-staining, non-hazardous and easy to clean off. They are designed to apply evenly in order to provide consistent lubrication and superior friction reduction.

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