Automated Materials Analysis with the SPECTROLAB Spark Spectrometer

Automation of analytical processes in the metal industry is highly complex and deals with vastly different areas such as sample preparation, sample introduction, laboratory aeration and ventilation, various control systems and solutions for storage of the results.

But this isn't the point: The real pivotal component of every solution for automatic analysis is the spectrometer used. Its quality determines the quality of your measurement results - and the quality of your process.

Thus, the prerequisite for excellent automation is an excellent analytical instrument - an instrument like the SPECTROLAB stationary spark spectrometer from Spectro. With its hybrid optic, it records the entire relevant spectrum for every measurement and, even in unattended operation mode, delivers highly precise results.

The SPECTROLAB offers:

  • Outstanding short and long term stability for optimally reproducible results
  • An integrated diagnosis system that enables direct observation of the analytical process at all times
  • Predefined method packages that make manual setup and calibration unnecessary
  • Comprehensive protocol and reporting features with which you can later trace the automatically obtained measurement results

In short: The SPECTROLAB is the perfect focal point centerpiece for your demanding automation project. It frees your employees from repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone routine tasks and helps you to permanently increase the sample throughput rate in metal analysis.

Sound interesting? Find out more about the SPECTROLAB and the possibilities opened to you through automatic operation in our current white paper: "Simplicity and Sophistication in Metals Analysis."

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