Simultaneously Measure 75 Elements and 210 Isotopes with the SPECTRO MS

It's time! Beginning now, you too can improve your laboratory processes with the SPECTRO MS. The option of simultaneously measuring 75 elements and 210 isotopes, makes the SPECTRO MS much faster and more precise than sequential mass spectrometers and guarantees more reproducible results using its technological highlights:

  • The instrument's unique ion optic transports ions with extreme efficiency from the plasma into the mass spectrometer and reliably removes neutral particles and photons from the beam.
  • In the double focusing sector field mass spectrometer with Mattauch-Herzog geometry, the ions are directed by an electrostatic analyzer and a permanent magnet onto a focal plane - without any scanning of the ion beam.
  • An extremely powerful Direct Charge Detector with 4,800 channels is located in the focal plane of the mass spectrometer. It records the entire mass spectrum from lithium to uranium with an average of 20 channels per isotope.

These technical innovations open entirely new perspectives for laboratories: Research and development laboratories, environmental institutes and geological establishments profit equally from the SPECTRO MS's precision and repeatability as well as the limits of detection and excellent sample throughput. You'll see: The instrument is going to establish itself as the new standard for many application areas.

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