Momentive Unveils New Silicone-Based Solutions for Electronics Industry

Celebrating 70 years of innovation in silicone technology, Momentive Performance Materials introduced a broad array of silicone-based thermal management solutions at Thermal Engineering 2010 (Techno-Frontier 2010), which is Japan's only specialized exhibition on heat management, held July 21-23 in Tokyo.

Developed to help solve thermal challenges in high-performance electronic components manufactured by the consumer electronics, automotive and semiconductor industries, the new Momentive products can offer optimal thermal conductivity, processability and long-term reliability. The product lines featured at the show included:

  • TIA Thermal Gels - a line of liquid-dispensed materials for heat dissipation, available in a variety of thermal conductivity levels, viscosities and curing profiles to meet a wide range of design needs. The new gels (TIA130G, TIA221G, TIA216G and TIA208G) are easy to use, can be cured at room temperature, can conform to complex shapes and non-planar surfaces, and can help provide stress relief due to their soft properties.

  • TIS Curable Thermal Compounds - a selection of room temperature curing compounds to be considered for use in minimizing thermal resistance in electronic assemblies, including the newly launched TIS380C and TIS480C-L. As soft Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), these thermally conductive compounds can help provide stress relief for delicate components and extremely low bleed.

  • TIG Thermal Greases - greases used as thermal interfaces in electronic assemblies. This product line expanded with the introduction of TIG300BX and TIG400BX, both of which can offer high thermal conductivity and minimized bleed.

  • TIA Thermal Adhesives - a family of silicone heat and room temperature cure adhesives, including the newly introduced TIA600R, a heat cure adhesive with very high thermal conductivity, and TIA320R, a heat cure adhesive that can help provide the added benefit of reduced scratching to delicate substrates.

  • Polartherm Boron Nitride Thermal Fillers - a family of highly thermally conductive and electrically insulative fillers that can add these functions to polymers when mixed. The fillers are available in platelet, agglomerate and spherical form to fit development needs.

  • Highly Thermally Conductive Graphite Materials -
    • TPG  - graphite based material with thermal conductivity of 1500W/mK (in-plane direction).
    • TC1050 hybrid material - metal encapsulated TPG that can provide high thermal conductivity, endurance and ease of use.


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