Overseas Market Expansion by Yuanyu Rubber

In answer to the ever-growing oversea market, the company invested and established the Zhideli Electronic (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. which manufactures rubber keypads and electronic related rubber products in Suzhou, mainland China.

Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise Co. Ltd., founded in 1981, is a specialized maker of manufacturer of rubber products in Taiwan, whose experience reaches beyond merely supply but includes helping customers with customized orders go through the whole manufacturing process from material selection, designing suggestion, molds development, and production.

Currently, Yuanyu offers injection molding, liquid silicone injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding rubber products for various markets, including the automotive, electronics, machinery, medical, appliance, construction, military, sports gears and consumer products.


Knowing that using advanced equipments is the only way for a manufacturer to upgrade its product standards, over the years, Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise has brought in various kinds of automatic mechanical equipments such as Rubber injection molding machine, Vacuum compression molding machine, Compression molding machine, Silicon rubber injection molding machine, Liquid silicone injection molding machine, Nitrogen de-flashing machine to increase production, reduce cost, and provide customers with the most competitive price.

Global Standards

Meeting major international standards, the company became ISO9000 certified in 1999 along with ISO-9002. Then in 2000, the company became ISO-9001 certified.

To ensure the safety of its products, the company is in compliance with the RoHS directive issued by the European Commission (EC). The six restrictions of use regarding the toxic and hazardous substances: lead (Pd), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). All of the products are tested from materials, production process, and before shipping to make sure it does not contain hazardous substances over limit.

Yuanyu Plastic is very dedicated to maintain the quality standards of its products and continuously work to upgrade it. In 2007, Yuanyu imported SEIKO SEA1000A XRF X-RAY Analysis (RoHS/WEEE dedicated machine). In 2008, the company further added five examining testers: Ozone Tester Chamber, Rotorless Rheometer, Computerized Tensile Strength Tester, Aging Oven Tester, Oil Bath Tester.

Source: http://www.yuanyu-rubber.com/

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