New White Paper on the Precise Measurement of Isotope Ratios Available from Spectro

The isotope ratios in a rock are very revealing: Analytical laboratories use them to reliably date geological samples and to create "fingerprints" for rocks, minerals and ceramics. Especially the so called "rare earth" elements have established themselves as important indicators in the world of geological analysis.

SPECTRO MS, launched in 2010, unlocks a new world of possibilities for the highly precise measurement of isotope ratios: The completely simultaneously measuring mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma excitation delivers excellent results that are presented in a new white paper.

The most important highlights for the SPECTRO MS in this area include:

  • Its novel "Direct Charge Detector" records 75 elements and 210 isotopes simultaneously during every measurement - delivering outstanding results in the shortest of times.
  • With its newly developed ion optic and the double focusing sector field mass spectrometer with Mattauch-Herzog geometry, the SPECTRO MS easily achieves the extremely high precision and low detection limits required in today's geology laboratories.

Sound interesting? Find out more about this application in our new white paper "Fully Simultaneous ICP-MS. The new approach to isotope geochemistry", which is available for free download at

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