Industrial Nanotech Introduces Energy-Saving Coatings for Hospitals and Universities

Industrial Nanotech, a company specializing in nanotechnology-based energy conserving solutions, has declared its intentions to start a number of pilot projects in association with the universities and hospitals across the US to augment the competence of steam processing equipment using its registered Nansulate thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coatings.

According to Francesca Crolley, Industrial Nanotech’s VP of Business Development, introducing universities and hospitals to energy-saving coatings has improved the company’s portfolio of markets. He added that the company’s efforts in cutting down energy usage in steam processing systems will bring significant benefits to hospitals and universities. The company is currently engaged in discussions with 16 universities and a number of hospitals to install the product.

Crolley added that the company had earlier assisted Erenko Textile to reduce its energy consumption by 20% and save a total of 10% in production costs. It also allowed Henateks Textile, a sports apparel producing company, to cut down the level of its liquid natural gas consumption to 20%, saving around $852,437.00 US in 2007 and 2008.


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