Extending the Life of Wire Rope

Extending the life of wire rope can provide positive bottom-line results. A new brochure that features results from using NEVAMELTwire rope conditioner is now available from Drew Marine, a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc.

The four-page brochure highlights Ashland's ability to provide a complete solution for the care and maintenance of wire ropes. NEVAMELT wire rope conditioner, when used with the Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System, decreases safety concerns raised from hand application of grease and extends the life of wire rope, providing a tangible return on investment. NEVAMELT wire rope conditioner is provided by the Drew Marine business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical.

The Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System eliminates the issue of spent solvents and greasy rag waste resulting from the manual care of ships' wire ropes. Used in conjunction with NEVAMELT wire rope conditioner, these systems also greatly reduce the manpower and time required to clean and lubricate wire rope. The Kirkpatrick System is designed to clean wire rope and injects NEVAMELT wire rope conditioner into cable under pressure in a single application.

Contact Drew Marine at [email protected] to obtain a copy of brochure ESP-ME-SB-1.

Drew Marine, a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical, is a leading supplier of specialty marine chemicals, water treatments, welding refrigeration and sealing products and fire fighting, safety and rescue products for the global marine industry.

Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc., is a leading, worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals serving industries including adhesives, automotive, composites, metal casting, merchant marine, paint, paper, plastics, watercraft and water treatment. Visit www.ashspec.com to learn more about these operations.


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