Fast and Accurate Determination of Heavy Element Concentrations with Spectro XRF

Fast, comprehensive and precise - X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) has established itself as the ideal method for rapid screening analyses and for the quantification of many elements.

Determination of heavy elements was the only limitation for analytical laboratories - and this is now a thing of the past: The new SPECTRO XEPOS HE achieves five to ten times better detection limits for metals and heavy metals than many other EDXRF instruments.

How is this possible? The key to the SPECTRO XEPOS HE's outstanding performance is, on one hand, optimization of the excitation for this application area. On the other hand, is the detection system with a larger active area that increases the sensitivity.

The SPECTRO XEPOS HE provides fresh possibilities for a series of new application areas that have been traditionally inaccessible to EDXRF instruments. For example:

  • Geo-Analysis: Laboratories are dependent on the reliable quantification of element contents in trace ranges during the analysis of geological samples. The SPECTRO XEPOS HE enables exact determination of these concentrations.
  • Environmental analysis: Governmental and privately operated organizations have defined strict limits for harmful substances such as lead and cadmium - often in ranges of a few ppm. The SPECTRO XEPOS HE delivers extremely reliable results in this area.
  • Used oil and fuel analysis: During recycling and before the burning of alternative fuels, it is frequently necessary to monitor limiting values in ppm ranges - a simple task for the SPECTRO XEPOS HE.

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