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Europe's Leading Reference Materials Supplier Lists 14500 Products in Its Updated Catalogue

LGC Standards, Europe's leading supplier of reference materials, has updated once again its comprehensive reference materials catalogue, now listing 14,500 products that support analytical testing, measurement and quality control of products across a range of sectors including food, environmental and industrial.

The Analytical reference materials, standards and high purity solvents 2011/12 catalogue has been updated, with a wide range of new reference materials and suppliers. This supports laboratory quality by providing a resource that contains materials for a variety of applications, ensuring that users have all the products of interest in one place.

Reference materials are instrumental in ensuring the reliability of analytical measurements and so ensuring that decisions are based on sound data.

This catalogue provides a fully updated listing of all relevant reference materials, standards and solvents. Over 3,000 new products have been added since the 2008 edition was issued and include:

  • ULTRAgold Inorganic standards produced under ISO Guide 34
  • High purity inorganic compounds
  • ULTRA QuECh standards for the QuEChERS method
  • Mycotoxins and ergot alkaloids
  • Labelled toxaphene standards
  • Isotope labelled compounds from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories (pesticides, PCBs, sex and steroidal hormone standards, veterinary and human antibiotics, priority pollutant standards, POPs)
  • Standards for USP 467
  • Veterinary medicine and pharmaceutical standards
  • ERM (European Reference Materials)
  • Reference materials from the National Research Centre for Certified Reference Materials, China (NIM)
  • Reference nanomaterials
  • GMO reference materials
  • Certified materials for microbiological properties
  • DR CALUX matrix reference materials
  • Combustion element analyser standards
  • CONOSTAN biodiesel standards
  • Glass standards
  • eVol hand-held automated analytical syringe.

The catalogue includes helpful advice and application notes on how to choose and use reference materials, as well as information on Proficiency Testing schemes available from LGC Standards. Structured for ease of use, users can browse sections grouped by type of material, or select their product using the index listed by name and catalogue number.

LGC Standards provides products and services to improve measurement and quality control within the laboratory. LGC Standards supplies over 100,000 products, including reference materials, pharmaceutical impurity reference standards (produced under ISO Guide 34 accreditation), biological standards and reagents, custom synthesis and proficiency testing. The new catalogue is the latest offering to provide analytical laboratories with the tools for ensuring their results are accurate and fit for purpose.

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