Molykote Anti-Friction Coatings Help Meet Improved Fuel-Efficiency Ratings

Currently, global automotive manufacturers are facing multiple challenges in terms of vehicle service intervals, lower emissions and higher mileage. To achieve these goals, Dow Corning offers Molykote series of anti-friction coatings, which can be efficiently applied over rings and pistons. These coatings replace tin plating and other less effective and costly wear treatment methods.

Molykote coatings, made of small particles of solid lubricants, bind firmly with the composite, ferrous and aluminum metal surfaces. This enhances engine performance and also provides long-term capacity for reducing friction. Auto makers can meet the improved fuel-efficiency ratings with the use of Dow Corning’s dry-film and anti-friction coatings. These materials also help reduce engine noise and wear.

Apart from reducing engine noise and wear, antifriction coatings offer several other benefits such as reduced engine scuffing and metal-to-metal friction. Molykote also helps improve combustion efficiency and offers significant engine lubrication during vehicle startup.

Anti-friction coatings, which are supplied in the form of viscous liquid dispersions, can be applied by screen-printing or spraying. Curing is done with heat to create a long-lasting dry-film lubricating layer. The barrier is resistant to oil and fuel and has excellent wear-reduction and corrosion-prevention characteristics. It also has a capacity to withstand high loads and operates at temperatures ranging from -70°C to 380°C.


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