Industrial Nanotech Unveils Protective Coating Product for All-Terrain Vehicles and Motorbikes

Industrial Nanotech has expanded its patented Nansulate series of protective, energy saving and hi-tech insulation coatings with the introduction of a new protective coating product called Nansulate Cool Ride to decrease surface temperatures of exhausts of all-terrain vehicles, motorbikes and sport bikes.

Nansulate Cool Ride is a user-friendly transparent liquid insulation coating offering a thermal insulation protection, which decreases the surface temperature and heat conduction of hot exhausts of motorcycles.

Burn injuries caused by motorcycle exhausts are a worldwide issue based on the studies reported on the website of the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. According to a European study, 70.5% of burn injuries occurred to motorcycle passengers, of which 65.3% of passengers suffered second degree burns.

Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of Business Development, Francesca Crolley stated that the company’s technology has been widely utilized in commercial and industrial fields to decrease the temperature of heat process equipment and hot pipes to ensure safety of employees. Hence, the company decided to expand its coating solutions to the all-terrain vehicles and motorbike markets for the prevention of burn injuries. These vehicles are bought during holidays, so it is the right time to integrate a protective coating as a burn preventive to them, Crolley said.

Crolley further said the company is committed to offer useful and real solutions using nanotechnology such as assisting homeowners to decrease their energy bills, assisting industrial facilities to safeguard their workers and decrease energy usage, or assisting adults and children to ride their bikes safely.


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