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NatureWorks Establishes JV for New Family of Ingeo Resin Grades

NatureWorks, a company that ensures a low-carbon-footprint and 100% renewable Ingeo biopolymers, has established a joint venture (JV) with BioAmber, a chemicals company, to commercialize a new family of Ingeo compounded resins.

AmberWorks JV combines the capabilities of both the companies to develop and bring the new bio-based compounded polymers to the market. The capabilities of NatureWorks include Ingeo PLA technology platform, deep knowledge in commercializing new polymers, developed applications in a wide range of industries, enhanced customer relationships and a global presence. BioAmber owns intellectual property for PLA/PBS compounding. The company applies biotechnology as well as chemical processing to generate renewable chemicals like 1,4-butanediol and succinic acid.

AmberWorks will manufacture the compounded PLA/PBS resins and it will be marketed via NatureWorks’ worldwide commercial organization. The new range of Ingeo resin grades is developed particularly for the food service industry. NatureWorks is now providing samples of resins that are in the development stage for injection-molding and thermoforming processes.

Marc Verbruggen, NatureWorks’ President and CEO, stated that the use of PBS and PLA materials enhances the properties of Ingeo compounds, thus making them suitable for several applications. President and CEO of BioAmber, Jean-Francois Huc, remarked that the joint venture with NatureWorks will reinforce and increase market access for their growing portfolio of renewable products.


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