Styron Features Two New PULSE GX Resins at VDI Conference Plastics

Two new solutions have been introduced by Styron, a manufacturer of latex, plastics and rubber, at the VDI Conference Plastics in the Automotive Engineering category. PULSE GX70 and PULSE GX90 are the two new solutions that expand its premium line for automotive interiors.

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Styron Automotive provides a wide range of high quality products to the industry in the PULSE GX product portfolio. The PULSE GX resins deal with the demand of lighter materials in the industry, with no compromise in cost and quality.

The PULSE GX product line supplies resins that are made using an ABS and PC blend, which offer easy flow and are cheaper, when compared to normal ABS or PC materials. PULSE GX50, PULSE GX70 and PULSE GX90 are included in the series.

Tailor-made ABS/PC products are included in the PULSE GX series and meet the practical heat demands in automotive interiors. Low temperature ductility is offered by them for the severe safety demands. PULSE GX 50 was introduced in 2011 and obtained a huge success. This product together with an optimized resistance to heat distortion was commercially employed first in the Audi Q3.

This new PULSE GX70 has been distinguished from targeting the interior components, which need high heat resistance. It has shown desirable low temperature ductility together with superior thermal and UV stability. Low carbon emissions and low odour are the other benefits of the PULSE GX70. This engineering resin suits many applications, mainly the surface areas that are exposed to sunlight including instrument housings, central consoles, side protection moldings, pillar trims and ventilation systems.

The company has specifically designed the PULSE GX90 for niche applications, which demands additional heat resistance when compared to PULSE GX70 and PULSE GX50. This new resin provides superior low temperature ductility, which is specially focused for direct airbag exposure.


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