PPG Signs Partnership Contract with Argex for Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide

PPG Industries has inked a technical collaboration contract with Argex Mining, based in Montreal, in order to use the previous experience and technology of PPG for manufacturing titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment for use in coatings and paints applications. Argex will manufacture the TiO2, which can be use for PPG’s many end-use applications.

According to PPG’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, research and development, coatings, Charles F. Kahle II, Argex and PPG have planned to unite the efforts and have an intention to create a TiO2 product, which can satisfy the normal standards for use in exterior and interior paint applications. He stated that this planned initiative provides the opportunity to PPG to leverage the company’s capability and protect an improved supply of this significant raw material. The company has considered the volatile pricing for TiO2 as a main problem, he said.

Depending on the growth of the treatment technologies, the contract offers for the discussion of a supply and acquisition agreement signed between PPG and Argex.

Previously, PPG used the chloride method to manufacture TiO2 at its chemical plant in Natrium, W.Va. and marketed TiO2 pigment for use in coatings and additional end-use applications. TiO2 is a widely used raw material in the coatings and paint industry as pigment, due to its durability, hiding and whiteness.

Source: http://www.ppg.com/

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