PPG Unveils Three Chopped Strand Fiber Products

PPG Industries, a coatings and specialty products company, has added three new products to its CHOPVANTAGE chopped strand fiber range. The range of chopped strand fibers offers superior mechanical properties as well as exceptional hydrolysis and heat resistance.

CHOPVANTAGE HP3270, a 10 µ fiber glass, is one of the products launched by PPG. It is ideal for appliance and automotive applications, such as dryers and washers. It provides excellent performance in standard application compounds, polypropylene compounds and hot detergent solutions. In addition, the HP3270 offers enhanced chemistry for dry as molded (DAM) characteristics. Another new product in the CHOPVANTAGE series; the HP3613 is a reinforcement fiber that provides the proprietary sizing chemistry of the HP3610 chopped strand fiber product in a 13 µ diameter. It provides high resistance to hydrolysis in long-lasting coolant systems. The CHOPVANTAGE HP3613 fiber glass meets the FDA and EU food compliance requirements and the potable water guidelines.

The CHOPVANTAGE HP3730 fiber glass from PPG has excellent mechanical properties in biodegradable plastics like polytrimethyleneterephthalates (PTTs), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) and polylactic acids (PLAs). It also offers outstanding hydrolysis resistance and enhanced DAM properties in thermoplastic polyesters, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds. The HP3730 chopped strand fiber is suitable for high-end applications, such as computer housings and parts, electrical and electronic appliances and transportation.

The company has showcased the new fibers at JEC Europe 2012 event in Paris and has also planned to feature them at NPE2012 international plastics exhibition in Orlando.

Source: http://www.ppg.com/


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