BASF Coatings New Supplier for Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior

BASF Coatings and Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior, the automotive equipment manufacturer specializing in the supply of plastic car body parts and modules, have set up a close partnership.

The agreement signed by the two companies means that BASF Coatings is now the main supplier of primer surfacers, basecoats, and clearcoats for coating plastic components at Bruay La Buissière, where Plastic Omnium currently manufactures 3,500 parts per day for Volvo (trim strips and rocker panels) and for Renault (bumpers, radiator grilles, and rocker panel molding for the Kangoo and bumpers for the Megane). Both Volvo and Renault have granted BASF Coatings approvals for their coatings.

“The new contract partnership with French plastics specialist Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior opens up completely new opportunities for us to cooperate with Renault and Volvo. The long-standing confidence on the part of our customers and the excellent quality of our products have paid off once again,” says Siegfried Riediger, Global Account Manager for plastic automotive components. Along with Christophe Marceau, Production and Non-Production Purchasing Director of Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior, Riediger signed the new contract at the Sigmatech center in Saint Julie near Lyon. Also present at the signing were Dirk Lorbeer, head of Plastic AC Account Management Europe, Patrice Bouhier, Global Account Manager for Plastic Omnium and plastic automotive components and his close associate Remi Blandureau, as well as Plastic Omnium’s Antony Pierreclaud, Raw Material and Paint Purchasing Manager and Katerine Malaval, purchaser.

“For two years we have been able to demonstrate tremendous progress on the plastic components coatings market. Our new partnership with Plastic Omnium is a huge step forward in France,” says Riediger.

This past February 26th, together with Plastic Omnium, a planning team was set up to look for opportunities for creating a closer partnership and to have the coatings needed approved by Volvo and Renault.

The signing of the cooperation contract is the preliminary highlight of a partnership that has grown and which still has a great deal of potential.

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