Cabot Introduces CAB-O-SIL DURAMOLD 2150 Fumed Silica for HTV Silicone Elastomer Applications

Cabot Corporation has developed a new performance additive, CAB-O-SIL® DURAMOLD™ 2150 fumed silica, that is specifically tailored to deliver maximum performance in high temperature vulcanizing (HTV) silicone elastomer applications where transparency and mechanical reinforcement are key requirements.

CAB-O-SIL DURAMOLD 2150 fumed silica provides excellent transparency performance due to its unique particle characteristics and the high purity level of Cabot’s silica. This is specifically useful for clear HTV silicone applications such as medical tubing and consumer goods, where the aesthetics of a clear silicone elastomer are desirable. CAB-O-SIL DURAMOLD 2150 has 30 percent less measured grit. In some cases, it can deliver levels of optical performance typically achieved through higher structure products.

“We continue to receive input from the market requesting improved optical and mechanical performance in silicone elastomers, including HTV silicones,” said Ben Dupnik, Cabot’s Global Segment Manager for Silicones. “CAB-O-SIL DURAMOLD 2150 is a high value solution that was designed to satisfy the requirements of the upper end of the HTV performance space.”

CAB-O-SIL DURAMOLD 2150 can improve physical properties in a multitude of HTV silicone end products such as automotive seals, gaskets and o-rings, electrical insulating tubing and cable seals, and industrial seals, bushings, and hoses. For instance, the performance material can deliver up to a 15 percent improvement in tear strength over typical fumed silica used in HTV formulations.

In addition to developing new products such as CAB-O-SIL DURAMOLD 2150, Cabot is investing in expansion projects to meet customer needs and the growing global demand for higher value materials for HTV silicone elastomer product. Cabot completed a major expansion in Jiangxi, China in 2012 enabling Cabot to grow its fumed silica product line.


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