Løvetann to Launch New Modular Aluminium Housing Design

Løvetann, a subsidiary of the well-known Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta, is set to launch its exciting new modular home design on Friday - using aluminium supplied by Hydro.

The launch marks the entry of the design firm Løvetann into the housing market with its innovative, modular and futuristic units.

The two-storey aluminium pavilion to be unveiled on Friday evening by Fredrikstad Housing Company was designed during a three-year creative partnership with the Snøhetta architectural firm, whose renowned commissions include the new Norwegian opera house, the cultural building at the World Trade Center in New York and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.

Hydro Building Systems will deliver the aluminium for all Løvetann homes, while Siemens is responsible for the electronic equipment, which includes wireless networking, kitchen and bathroom appliances plus advanced home entertainment systems.

The modules themselves are delivered in flat packs and can be erected in less than three weeks. Aluminium columns and beams form a grid frame consisting of 4.8m by 4.8m sections. The standard sizing allows for additions and removals as required. A Løvetann home can therefore be easily adapted in accordance with the inhabitant's preferences. The style of the home is defined by its owner and is not restricted by its structure.

Løvetann's CEO and co-founder Espen Øksby describes the company's goal as "changing the way we are allowed to live by individualizing design". He states that Løvetann represents an innovative solution for individual styling, and brings the hope of sustainability in a world full of imitations and a consume-and-reject mentality. Løvetann uses only renewable and recyclable materials.

Hydro has assisted Løvetann and Snøhetta with its engineering expertise during the past couple of years, making thorough preparations and developing modules in its production premises in Norway and Germany. These efforts help Hydro to maintain its market position as a technological innovator. A Løvetann press release states that Hydro's commitment ensures reliability and flexibility in every area, from basic structures to facades. The company intends to launch its home modules in conjunction with a number of well-known designers and architects throughout the world.

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