AP Introduces Rub & Buzz and Air Leak Detection Tests for Loudspeakers

Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced the availability of new Rub & Buzz and Air Leak detection acoustic tests for electro-acoustic devices using the APx series of audio analyzers.

The new Rub & Buzz and Air Leak detection tests are in addition to existing acoustic tests such as energy-time curve (for gating reflections in non-anechoic environments), frequency response, distortion of individual harmonics, impulse response, and impedance, and are compatible with all APx models.

APx Acoustics Tests enable makers of audio products to use a single analyzer platform through the entire product life cycle, from electronics and acoustic design through incoming driver QC and final assembly.

APx Rub & Buzz
APx Rub & Buzz is a fast, effective test for common loudspeaker defects such as misaligned voice coils or particles trapped in the magnetic gap. A chirp stimulus is used to drive the speaker under test over its full frequency range, while the analysis captures high crest-factor defects that common audio tests cannot detect.

APx Modulated Noise for Air Leaks
APx Modulated Noise Air Leak detection is designed to help manufacturers ensure the integrity of loudspeaker enclosures in production. As customer expectations demand ever-higher sound pressure levels and extended low-frequency response from small packages, air leak detection on the assembly line becomes more important. APx Modulated Noise can rapidly detect leaks by modeling the defect as amplitude modulated noise emanating from the enclosure.

"One analyzer for acoustics and electronics saves time and money, but it has to be the right analyzer, with hardware that can meet the demands of electronics test, features that meet the needs of R&D and production applications, and a UI that people can actually use," says Tom Williams , VP of Sales and Marketing. "With Rub & Buzz and Air Leak detection added to our existing acoustic and electronic test capability, APx is that platform."

Price and availability
The Rub & Buzz and Modulated Noise Air Leak Detection option is immediately available as SW-SPK, with a list price of USD 750 in the U.S. SW-SPK is required to enable these tests on all APx analyzers.

Source: http://www.ap.com/

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