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Air Products to Showcase its Advanced Electronic Materials and Delivery Systems at SEMICON Taiwan

Air Products, a leading supplier of electronics materials and equipment to the electronics industry, will highlight its advanced materials and delivery systems at SEMICON Taiwan held from September 4-6 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The rapid advancement in mobile devices and the consumer’s demands for performance and long battery lifetimes at affordable prices are pushing semiconductor manufacturers to develop devices with smaller geometries and to look for a wide range of new materials for fabricating increasingly complex devices. Air Products, with its more than 40 years of industry experience, supplies a broad portfolio of high performance and advanced materials and is well-positioned to capitalize on these emerging material needs.

At SEMICON Taiwan, Air Products will feature three important platforms of semiconductor manufacturing: Advanced Deposition, Surface Preparation and Cleans, and Planarization, as well as the delivery systems necessary for these advanced materials.

Advanced Deposition Materials
Air Products is utilizing its breadth of knowledge in chemistry and surface science to deposit films as thin as only a few atomic layers. The company offers technology roadmap solutions for organosilanes, organometallics, liquid dopants and other specialty materials.

Surface Preparation and Cleans
Air Products is providing solvent, semi-aqueous and aqueous cleans for photoresist, residue and contamination removal for aluminum and copper back-end-of-line applications. It also is offering cleaning solutions that address all types of packaging including gold and copper wire bonding, wafer level packaging with copper bumps and through-silicon via cleans.

Air Products is developing chemical mechanical planarizing slurries and post-clean chemistries that address the challenges of polishing a variety of materials deposited including silicon-based films, tungsten and copper. Through its 2011 acquisition of Poly Flow, Air Products is also delivering game-changing slurry blend and distribution equipment solutions to lower the cost-of-ownership through enhanced tool uptime and product yields.

“Asia is a strategic market for us, accounting for more than 60% of our global Electronics business,” said Ed Shober, global vice president of Advanced Materials and Delivery Systems at Air Products. “Air Products’ knowledge and advanced thinking around chemistry, materials integration and delivery systems are helping our customers reach their technology and performance targets faster. Additionally, the ability to provide more of an integrated solution for our customers within these semiconductor platforms is a true differentiator in the market.”

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