ThyssenKrupp and Maxion to Develop Carbon Fiber-Aluminum Hybrid Wheels

ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components has established a cooperation with Maxion Wheels to develop new ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber-aluminum hybrid wheels for premium vehicles. Maxion Wheels is an innovative manufacturer of wheels who offers products with outstanding performance benefits. ThyssenKrupp supplies automotive components worldwide, and is an innovative lightweight materials and carbon fiber applications company.

When compared to other high performance forged aluminum wheels, the ThyssenKrupp-Maxion technology enables weight savings of as much as 40%. This team will work alongside OEMs to develop customized solutions to suit their requirement.

“With carbon fiber-aluminum hybrid wheels we offer a unique option to our customers in the luxury and sports car segment to differentiate themselves through technology and design. The cooperation agreement with Maxion Wheels marks an important milestone in the development of our carbon fiber wheel technology. It shows the technological maturity we have reached and combines our innovations with the leading player in the wheel industry. Commercialization is the logical next step”, says Dr. Jens Werner, Managing Director at ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components.

ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components has used its exclusive braiding technology to make significant developments in carbon fiber hybrid wheels. The cooperation has built prototypes based on ThyssenKrupp’s development, and tested them on vehicles such as SUVs and luxury cars. This testing was done at the certified test labs of Maxion Wheels. The prototype is also being tested on vehicles in collaboration with the Volkswagen Group. Tests conducted on public roads revealed that these wheels offered better performance with improved damping that reduces road noise and vibration.

ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components and Maxion Wheels intend to continue their cooperation to enhance the value offered by aluminum and carbon fiber hybrid wheels. Maxion would be contributing their novel liquid-forged aluminum discs, which offer complete design flexibility equivalent to that of cast wheels, and material properties that are equivalent to those offered by conventional forged wheels, but at a lower cost.

“The aluminum/carbon fiber hybrid wheels we develop through our cooperation with ThyssenKrupp will fill an important niche in the ultra-lightweight vehicle market,” says Kai Kronenberg, Vice President of Business Development & Global Innovation at Maxion Wheels. “It will benefit our customers by expanding our already extensive range of products and capabilities, while enhancing our leadership position in the industry.”

Development of the ultra-lightweight aluminum/carbon fiber hybrid wheels, as well as their commercialization, is to be part of this cooperation.

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