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Detection Technology introduces X-Scan P Series Boosting Brand Protection in Food and Clothing Industries

Detection Technology, a global leader of X-ray imaging solutions, boosts brand protection in the global food, and clothing industries by introducing X-Scan P series. The digitalized linear array detector family with the most accurate material separation capability and doubled scanning speed, is easily optimized for a variety of industrial inspection, and material sorting applications.

“It feels nasty when putting on new jeans, and a piece of needle scratches your skin. As another example, it is unwanted to have bone chips on a plate when eating a gourmet chicken meal. As consumers are more and more quality-conscious, we see an increasing demand for a high-standard inspection of goods. Global brands avoid costly pitfalls by utilizing X-ray imaging providing one-of-a-kind material separation capability”, says Ville Koret, Product Manager at Detection Technology.

Furthermore, X-Scan P series is also ideally suited for all material sorting needs in the mining industry with tight productivity targets. The P series detects as tiny as two millimeter-sized diamonds from silicon, or stone pieces. By combining the accuracy of X-Scan P series with fast scanning speed, remarkable total cost savings will be realized.

X-Scan P series is optimized from low to middle energy ranges of 40-110 peak kilovolts (kVp). The stringent assembly control of Detection Technology makes the alignment between low and high energy bands as accurate as possible enabling utilization of very efficient algorithms for material discrimination.

The efficient material separation capability of X-Scan P series is enabled by dual energy and optimized sensors. For this series, we have selected extremely fast and sensitive scintillator materials, enabling photodiodes to detect sharply, even the tiniest objects among materials close to them. For example, it is possible to differentiate tiny pieces of needles from copper buttons on jeans with our solution.

Ville Koret, Product Manager at Detection Technology

Benefiting from the next-generation digital platform, and Gigabit Ethernet interface, X-Scan P series supports belt speeds of up to four meters per second. An optional Camera Link offers robust data transmission and fast synchronization between the detector unit and a system computer. The new X-Scan P series is now available globally in volumes.

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