NBD Nano Launches InvisiPrint System for Fingerprint-free Coatings on Glass and Metal Surfaces

Credit: NBD Nanotechnologies

NBD Nanotechnologies, a company that provides surface “wettability” solutions, has launched a new coating solution that makes fingerprints invisible on glass and metal surfaces.

The company provides the patented InvisiPrint™ solution to help manufacturers successfully meet the long-standing demand of consumers for a solution that eliminates or reduces the appearance of fingerprints on products such as automotive interiors, electronic displays, kitchen appliances, and bathroom faucets.

Wettability reflects the level of liquid interaction – involving water, chemicals, oil, and dirt – on the surface of products composed of metal, glass, paint, or plastic. Coatings or additives are widely used by manufacturers to improve or reduce the wettability, that is, the surface properties, of the products. NBD Nano’s solutions significantly improve a product’s value and characteristics by precisely modifying a product’s wettability.

Most anti-fingerprint solutions utilized today are coatings that, because of their limited ability to change surface properties, only make it easier to clean fingerprints from a surface – not diminish the appearance of a fingerprint from a surface. The InvisiPrint™ solution is a completely different and innovative approach that renders fingerprints virtually invisible on the surfaces of metal and glass products.

Miguel Galvez, CEO, NBD Nano

InvisiPrint™ system from NBD Nano is a coating solution that combines oleophilic and hydrophobic properties, making it different from any other coating solutions available on the market today. The end result of this patented method is to spread the oil of the fingerprint on the surface. The spreading of the oil allows light to go through the fingerprint undeterred, making the fingerprint invisible.

NBD Nano’s technological innovation of being able to functionalize a core molecular structure makes this unique approach possible.

The InvisiPrint™ system is just one example of NBD Nano’s core success: the ability to manipulate molecular structures to create enhanced solutions that will last a long time. Our industry clients are excited that we have developed a solution they have long sought: a coating that reduces or eliminates the appearance of fingerprints on glass and metal surfaces. The quest is complete!

Miguel Galvez, CEO, NBD Nano

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