Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis and TSQ Quantis Offer High Precision for Demanding Targeted Quantitation Assays

New triple quadrupole mass spectrometry technology can now help analytical laboratories to obtain high quality data.


This new technology has been designed to provide excellent performance for the most demanding targeted quantitation applications in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food safety and environmental industries and also in forensic toxicology and clinical research.

Exceptional sensitivity and robustness are offered for demanding targeted quantitation assays by the new Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometer and TSQ Quantis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometers .

Laboratories worldwide are under increasing pressure to answer complex analytical questions, while still meeting evolving regulatory, business and scientific goals. Our newest generation of triple quadrupole mass spectrometers is designed to deliver reproducible, reliable quantitation results for nearly all molecule types in complex matrices, even by less experienced users.

Evett Kruka, Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Fisher

Besides providing the analytical flexibility and reproducibility for applications that are demanding, the TSQ Altis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometer also offers speed, selectivity and sensitivity. The TSQ Quantis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometer has been custom designed so that it can be a quantitative workhorse, extending its support to reliable workflows that incorporate ease of use with the highest possible data.

The TSQ Altis and TSQ Quantis systems have been specially engineered to provide novel, high-resolution single reaction monitoring (SRM) capabilities, which help in ion transmission and consistency for reproducible results across a number of instruments. Both these systems are further available with Active Ion Management (AIM+) technology that comprises of new RF electronics, segmented quadrupoles, redesigned ion source housing and an improved dual-mode electron multiplier detector for ultimate ion management starting from ion inception to detection. AIM+ technology offers advanced sensitivity, reproducibility, increased detector lifetime and additional data points with fast SRM rates when compared to earlier AIM technology and various other triple quadrupole mass spectrometry systems.

With the new Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis mass spectrometers, my lab can develop quantitative methods for biotherapeutic proteins and target receptors with extreme sensitivity, selectivity, accuracy and precision.

Dr. Jun Qu, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, New York

New tools for streamlined, intuitive method setup and automated compound optimization are offered by the instrument control software for the TSQ Altis and TSQ Quantis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometers. When integrated with Thermo Scientific TraceFinder Software, a workflow software capable of addressing vital requirements from sample introduction to report generation, analytical Scientists can enhance the targeted quantitation analysis of complex molecule types with simplified workflows, thus reducing the time used for producing high quality results when compared to the aspect of only using the instrument control software.

The new TSQ Altis and TSQ Quantis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometers will be launched by Thermo Fisher during the 65th Annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference, scheduled from June 4th-8th, in the White River Ballroom F-J at the JW Marriott, Indianapolis.

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