Nano One Showcases Pilot Plant with First Fabrication of Lithium Ion Cathode Materials

Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials, stated that commissioning of the pilot plant is done and that scaled-up manufacture of lithium ion cathode materials that match Nano One’s processing and battery capacity objectives has been confirmed. Andre

Following a flawless startup of the pilot, initial results have exceeded our expectations. The resulting cathode materials are meeting our targets in lithium ion battery test cells and we are now well positioned to execute on our 2017 plans in bringing industrial interests to the table.

Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials

Nano One is also happy to introduce Flavio Campagnaro, who just joined the team as Senior Process Engineer. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading the successful expansion of nanomaterials through laboratory, pilot plant and commercial production.

I am impressed with Nano One’s ability to hit its targets. In this first pilot run, we have demonstrated a 100-fold increase from laboratory scale volumes and the chemical reactions, energy consumption, operating parameters and throughput all proceeded as designed. From a process engineering point of view, this is a great first step and reaffirms our confidence in scalability. We look forward to optimizing the process and showcasing the technology to cathode producers.

Flavio Campagnaro, Senior Process Engineer, Nano One Materials

Initial analysis of the pilot scale process is in keeping with the chemistry and operating factors prepared in the laboratory. Moreover, evaluations of the pilot produced cathode materials exhibit elemental composition, crystallinity and battery capacity consistent with Nano One’s laboratory scale process and materials.

Mr. Blondal added “We thank NORAM Engineering and BC Research for their design and system integration work on our pilot plant. We have achieved key metrics on the first batch through the pilot and we will now be demonstrating the process at a scale that is representative of commercial production. We have a world class team and we believe that this new phase of activities will drive strategic engagement in the lithium ion battery supply chain.”

We congratulate Nano One in reaching this significant milestone and we look forward to future collaboration.

Dr. Tony Boyd, NORAM Engineering President

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