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Inovenso is proud to introduce its IEM Series of Desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes. The biggest advantages of Inovenso’s Benchtop SEMs over the conventional SEMs is the rapidity of the process. As it can be annoying to wait for 30 minutes to obtain your SEM images, with Inovenso’s SEMs you can obtain your results within 4 minutes. Not only that, the price difference is also very considerable and very convincing, the benchtop SEMs enables you to achieve a 5 nm resolution results (Similar to the full-sized SEM) with a price that is 3 times more affordable. Another important advantage is that the Benchtop SEM doesn't require any infrastructure, all you need is a table and a plug (plug-and-play system SEM).

SEMoscope, world’s fastest Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope takes your image scanning performance to a upper level. The SEMoscope desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) helps customers stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are continuously getting smaller and there is plenty of room at the bottom.

The SEMoscope Tabletop SEM combines ultimate imaging power up to 150,000x magnification rate and outstanding technical performance with better depth of focus and chemical contrast. It is the smart, and easy to use and market’s fastest solution that enables engineers, technicians, researchers and educational professionals to investigate nano structures.

Integrated EDS Analysis

With the SEMoscope “+ SERIES” High level TableTop Scanning Electron Microscopes, we offer integrated, powerful EDS microanalysis to complete the optical performance of our SEM-range. EDS Analysis with NORAN System 7 Specialised for SEMoscope Spectral ImagingThe UltraDry Compact EDS detector provides outstanding elemental mapping within few minutes. With Spectral Imaging, where a ful EDS spectrum is stored at every pixel, samples can be analyzed after they have been removed from the microscope. NORAN System 7 tools provide several analytical methods for the best results. Both Oxford or EDAX brands of EDS detectors can be integrated to the SEMoscope Dekstop SEM models depending on the users demands.

Removable BSE Detector

By applying 4-channel BSE detector, composition and topography function are available. These function are optional and can be opted out.

ION Coater and Cool Stage

During SEM analysis, the specimen is irradiated with an electron beam and that causes accumulation of electric charges on the surface of the specimen and the quality of images is decreasing, thus in order to obtain a high quality images of non-conductive samples via SEM, it is necessary to create a conductive layer on the surface. . The conductive coating prevents the sample from the surface charge and provides a ground‐potential surface, so that electric fields outside the sample are eliminated.

To prevent charge accumulation on the surface of non-conducting specimen, ultra-thin coating of electrically-conducting metal – such as gold (Au), gold/palladium (Au/Pd), platinum (Pt), silver (Ag), chromium (Cr) or iridium (Ir) is necessary. This process is known also as Ion-Sputter Coating which is also supplied by SEMoscope Desktop SEMs as an optional equipment.

Also the Cool Stage optional equipment provides better results which is suitable for Liquid or Biological Samples on SEM imaging.

SEMoscope Models

Inovenso Technologies offers a wide range of Benchtop SEMs with different magnifications and detectors, for your basic analyses we recommend the model IEM 10, with a magnification range up to x 100 00, and a BE detector. If a highest magnification and more detectors are needed, the model IEM 11+ would be the most suitable option, it has a magnification that goes up to x150 000, and 3 different types of detectors: BE, BSE, and EDS (X-ray detectors).

SEMoscope IEM 10 Benchtop SEM: is a portable Scanning Electron Microscope, ideal to observe the depth with a magnification up to x100 000. It has the feature of SE detector, which enables you to shoot high quality images in less than 4 minutes.

SEMoscope IEM 10+ Benchtop SEM: is an advanced version of the model IEM 10 Scanning Electron Microscope , it has SE and EDS detectors. It is a useful analytical tool in many areas, from materials science and nanotechnology, to biology and microelectronics.

SEMoscope IEM 11 Desktop SEM: The world’s fastest Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope. This device is an ideal substitute of traditional SEMs, with its high magnification: up to x 150 000 and its SE and BSE detectors which will enable you to conduct analyses up to a nanoscale in a very short space of time.

SEMoscope IEM 11+ Desktop SEM: The world’s most advanced Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope. Instead of relying on a single detector, this device combines 3 different Micro-analytical detectors: SE, BSE and EDS. By using EDS to complement other detectors, the user can take advantage of the particular advantages of EDS, in terms of speed and relative ease of sample preparation in order to acquire a full elemental spectrum in only a few seconds.

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