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ESRI at Swansea University Collaborates with C-Bond Systems to Improve the Materials Properties of Glass

Swansea University’s Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) has declared a long-term partnership with a nanotechnology companyC-Bond Systems—that strengthens and improves brittle materials.

Together with Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), a research-led university based in the U.K., Swansea is working with C-Bond Systems to study its solution’s unique material properties and its effect on the glass sector.

The latest development is focused on enhancing the mechanical properties of glass and reducing the consumption of energy in the glass fabrication process. The partnership will seek innovation grants as a follow-on to an earlier Innovate UK funding.

The collaboration with C-Bond Systems dovetails into ESRI’s focus of reducing industrial energy usage and subsequent CO2 emissions, that is led through a £9.2 million project entitled Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions, funded by the EU via the Welsh Government (WEFO).

Professor Andrew Barron, Director, ESRI.

The aim of the partnership is to allow the use of lighter glass in a variety of applications, such as the construction and containers industry, which will reduce energy consumption at the time of production as well as during use and transportation.

We have been working with the experienced teams in ESRI at Swansea to discover innovations to advance our technology and the way it impacts the glass industry in the short and long term.

Scott R. Silverman, CEO, C-Bond Systems.

The ESRI is set to discover and apply novel technology for a sustainable, secure, and affordable energy future and is located on the new world-class Bay Campus of Swansea University.

Research and development is concentrated in the below thematic areas: carbon dioxide valorization and long-term sequestration, reducing the impact of hydrocarbon energy sources, sustainable resources and waste recovery, and the next generation of energy distribution.

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