Siemens Supplies Filtering System to Belgian Manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals

The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) Group has received an order from the company Kaneka Belgium N.V., a subsidiary of the Japanese Kaneka Corporation, to treat water from a canal with the help of membrane filters. The water is then to be used for the company's production process. Siemens Belgium will deliver and start up the equipment by December 2006.

Kaneka Belgium N.V., a chemical company located in Oevel, Belgium, manufactures impact modifiers for PVC as well as polyolefin foams, elastic sealant base polymer and elastic adhesive base polymer. KB is actually using well water to produce process and demineralised water. The treatment process of this well water generates a considerable amount of waste water. The amount of waste water of Kaneka Belgium is already high and should be therefore limited as much as possible. So instead of pumping more well water and increasing the capacity of the treatment system, Kaneka Belgium decided for a micro-filtration annex reverse osmoses system on canal water. From environmental point of view this solution offers following benefits: no additional use of well water which is already a scarce commodity and almost no generation of additional waste water as the concentrate of the new system can be discharged into the canal.

In order to enable use of the canal water for chemical processes in plastics manufacturing, the I&S Water Technologies Division will install membrane technology at Kaneka's factory allowing continuous treatment of water at a rate of 45 cubic meters per hour. The treatment process will include a prefilter screen, two MEMCOR XP micro-porous membrane systems and a reverse osmosis unit. This process train will retain suspended and dissolved solids to produce the high quality process water Kaneka requires. The flexibility of the new system will also guarantee a constant production of process water with a constant quality even during flashy and high solids raw water conditions.

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