Goodyear Introduce Comprehensive Line of Polyurethane Timing Belts

Goodyear Engineered Products has introduced a comprehensive line of polyurethane timing belts for a wide range of applications, including linear motion, product conveyance and power transmission.

The straight-tooth synchronous belts complement the company's industrial timing belt product lineup, according to Michael Lyons, marketing manager for Goodyear's industrial power transmission products.

"We now offer straight-tooth polyurethane, offset-tooth, or helical, polyurethane and rubber belts, to help our distributors grow their businesses as one-source suppliers," Lyons said.

He said the straight-tooth polyurethane belts can provide advantages over rubber and offset-tooth polyurethane synchronous belts in specific applications. "The new polyurethane belts are more resistant to cuts, tears, abrasions and flex fatigue; have a higher load bearing capacity; are resistant to mold and ozone degradation; and can be color coordinated to spec," Lyons explained.

The steel-cord reinforced belts are supplied in three configurations. Open-end rolls are available in 325-foot lengths; welded or jointed belts are made from roll material that is cut to length and spliced; and "endless" belts are manufactured using one long continuous cord with no splice or welding, providing additional cross-section strength.

To combat corrosion, Kevlar cord belts are also available for high humidity applications, such as car washes.

Lyons said the polyurethane belts, available in a broad range of the most popular tooth pitches, accommodate a variety of industries and applications, including package handling, electronic component manufacturing, automatic sliding doors, vertical storage retrieval and power transmission.

The belt part numbering system provides easy cross-reference, as well as drop-in replacement, for existing competitors' specifications.

"We are belting out a one, two, three punch with straight- and offset-tooth, as well as rubber power transmission belts," said Lyons.

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