General Dynamics to Produce Reactive Armor Tiles for US Army Tanks

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, a business unit of General Dynamics, has been awarded a $29 million contract from U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny, N.J., for the production of reactive armor tile sets to equip Abrams tanks. This award modifies a contract originally awarded in August 2006 and brings the total contract value to $59 million.

The reactive armor system is made up of tiles that fasten to the exterior of the vehicles. Equipped with the General Dynamics' reactive armor tiles, combat vehicles are better able to withstand a direct hit from a variety of anti-armor munitions, including shoulder-fired rocket propelled grenades that are prevalent in many of today's regional conflicts.

Similar reactive armor systems are currently being used in Iraq on U.S. Army Bradley Fighting Vehicles and have been proven to prevent crippling damage to those combat vehicles. General Dynamics has been a leading producer of reactive armor for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle since 1995, with $417 million in Bradley reactive armor orders to date.

The production program will be directed from General Dynamics' Vermont-based Burlington Technology Center, with tile production occurring at the company's facility in McHenry, Miss.

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