Cabot Supermetals to Build Thin Films Facility

Cabot Supermetals have announced that they will build a 90,000 square foot facility for producing tantalum sputtering targets and other high performance materials for the semiconductors, optics, magnetics and flat panel display thin film applications. The $12 million facility will be located east of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

The facility is due to be operational in 2004 and will employ 50 people at maximum capacity.

Tantalum is an essential material that allows faster speed and lower power consumption in electronic components. Tantalum thin films enable the use of copper interconnects between transistor electronic devices.

The new facility will take high purity tantalum to manufacture complete assemblies for use in thin film deposition systems. Processes will include metal joining, shaping, machining and surface finishing steps designed to prepare the materials for use in ultra-clean environments at leading semiconductor and technology manufacturer firms across the world.

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