BASF Showcase Colorants and Light Stabilizers at K 2007

At the K 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany, (October 24 – 31), BASF will be presenting colorants and light stabilizers for innovative products and custom solutions for the entire value chain. At the BASF Stand B21 in Hall 5, BASF experts will also be advising on matters such as product registration, food-contact approval, eco-efficiency analysis and EU chemicals legislation (REACH).

New effect pigment portfolio offers designers attractive styling opportunities
Product and packaging design are decisive factors in competitive differentiation. Colors and effects are an increasingly significant aspect of this. Whether through depth, luster, sparkle or multicolor effects, BASF’s new effect pigment portfolio offers designers a wide range of attractive styling opportunities for coloring plastics. Lumina® effect pigments, for example, provide very high chromaticity and luster for richer shades and stronger color-flop effects. The particle size and fine surface of Firemist® effect pigments allow brilliant, starlike glitter effects to be obtained. The newly developed Firemist® Colormotion product range combines these glitter effects with a changing play of colors that depends on the viewing angle. In combination with organic and inorganic colored pigments from BASF, the design opportunities are endless.

New NIR-reflecting pigment, Sicopal® Black K 0095, for solar heat management
In addition to its Lumogen® Black pigments, which are transparent in the near infrared (NIR), BASF now offers an NIR-reflecting black pigment, Sicopal® Black K 0095, for application in coatings and plastics. This pigment allows a significant reduction in the solar heating of dark black structural components for the building and automotive industries. Sicopal® Black K 0095 combines excellent reflection values in the near infrared with the most intense, neutral black shade on the market, making it possible to mix neutral gray shades in all degrees of lightness.

New UV absorber, Uvinul® S-Pack, for transparent UV protection of PET bottlesClear outside, safe inside. The new UV absorber Uvinul® S-Pack provides even better protection from UV radiation for sensitive substances such as vitamins and colorants in PET bottles. Unlike traditional UV absorbers, Uvinul® S-Pack also absorbs long-wave UV light, thereby extending the shelf life of the contents. Another benefit is that its blue fluorescence prevents any yellowing coloration of the plastic. This means PET packaging can also be used where attractiveness is just as important as UV protection of the contents.

Pigments and dyes especially for packaging applications
The BASF product portfolio for packaging applications has been rounded off by new pigments and dyes, including the new organic pigments Paliotol® Yellow K 0940 and Paliotol® Orange K 2920, as well as Rightfit® Yellow K 1994, Rightfit® Red K 3790 and Rightfit® Red K 4350. The Thermoplast product range has been extended by nine new dyes. For customers this means being able to create virtually unlimited color matchings for a wide range of plastic packaging applications.

New NIR broad-band absorber, Lumogen® IR 1050, for laser transmission welding and laser marking of polymers
Laser welding of transparent thermoplastics at any wavelength – the new high-performance absorber Lumogen® IR 1050 completes BASF’s Lumogen® IR portfolio. In addition to application at a laser wavelength of 808 nm as before, this product innovation also provides access to the standard 940/980 nm and 1064 nm wavelength ranges. It does this with the usual process stability and user friendliness of BASF Lumogen® IR laser additives. And as if that weren’t enough, Lumogen® IR 1050 also sets new standards in heavy-metal-free, halogen-free laser marking of plastics. The nanostructure and a special surface finish permit extremely sharp, high-contrast markings to be produced on opaque and even transparent substrates.

Uvinul® light stabilizers and Eupolen® monopigment preparations with clear processing advantages
In addition to the outstanding stabilizing effects of BASF light stabilizers, products of the Uvinul® range offer exceptional processing efficiency. For example, low entrainment of water in film extrusion and optimum machine cycle times in the production of polycarbonate sheet. Dust-free, predispersed Eupolen® monopigment preparations from BASF allow a high quality to be achieved in the manufacture and coloration of films. Predispersed monoconcentrate effect pigments for polyolefins also offer the advantages of dust-free processing in combination with shimmering pearlescent luster effects.

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