Semi-Active, Electronically Adjustable Damping System from ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Suspension

The design and tuning of suspension and damping systems represent a compromise between ride comfort on the one hand and driving safety and agility on the other. Innovative damping systems from ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Suspension help further resolve this conflict.

DampMatic® is a passive amplitude-selective damper which automatically reduces damping force when amplitudes are low and increases it when body movements are more pronounced. Compared with conventional dampers, this simple, low-cost innovation (no additional sensors or electronic controls) enhances ride comfort while maintaining the same level of roll stability. The system has been in production since 2004 and has been systematically enhanced (DampMatic® II). The use of a passive disk valve in the DampMatic assembly significantly improves the variability of the soft damping characteristics. DampMatic® II allows increased roll stabilization and ride comfort compared with standard dampers.

DampTronic® is a semi-active, electronically adjustable damping system. Damping force is adjusted via a proportional solenoid which continuously varies a bypass oil flow to the conventional valve system. All damping characteristics (including in particular the soft damping characteristics of relevance for comfort) are realized using passive, conventional disk valves. These valves react dynamically to disturbances and provide the highest possible ride comfort. The adjusting valve can be integrated in the damper (DampTronic® I) or mounted on the outside of the outer tube (DampTronic® II).

With the help of additional body and wheel sensors and CAN signals, the driving situation and vehicle condition are fed to a central control unit which then optimizes the damping force on each individual damper.

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