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Transparent Conductor Markets 2013

Transparent Conductor Markets 2013

In the last one year, there have been considerable changes in the transparent conductors (TCs) market. Intel and Microsoft’s efforts to bring touch screen technology to laptops have suggested new opportunities for non-ITO TCs. In the interim, the fast growth in tablet computing can be considered as a positive sign for TCs.

Conversely, novel ways of producing displays and touch panels indicate that less TC material will be used by display OEMs in the future. At the same time, applications such as OLED TVs and flexible displays that were expected to create significant revenues for non-ITO TCs appear just as slow to develop as they did in 2012.

In this perplexing phase of TC development, NanoMarkets’ report provides a better understanding on how TC companies can suitably create new business revenues in the solar panel, display, and other sectors. The report also examines major developments on the TC materials space and gives insight into how the next generation of TCs will look like and how these materials will expand addressable markets.

As with all NanoMarkets reports, this one includes a comprehensive eight-year forecast in terms of volume and value. For each application, there are breakouts of demand for ITO/TCO inks, ITO, copper-based and silver-based TCs, carbon nanotube films, and other nanometallic TCs and conductive polymers. The report also includes a forecast of ITO products by type, such as coated glass, films, sputtering targets, etc. The marketing strategies of top TC firms are also examined in the context of the recent market developments.

Key highlights in the report include recent technology and market trends for ITO, emerging markets for TCs, and addressable markets for metal-based TCs.

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