Complete Closed Loop Monitoring and Control with Hanwell


In the food industry, Hanwell is a well-established brand and has the reputation for being the most durable, reliable, and flexible system. The company’s systems provide a uniquely future proof solution to monitoring due to their ability to grow along with an organization, in addition to being designed to offer a complete solution to the existing environmental monitoring and control requirements of customers.

The full range of Hanwell monitoring formats and the product capabilities within a monitoring process are listed in the table below. These include measurement of the required parameter and generating the potential action required.

Although all monitoring principles are similar, all resources, buildings, and budgets are different, and because of this, the Hanwell system has been specifically designed to cater to various needs with varying product capabilities.

5-Step Monitoring Process

Hanwell’s full range of format options:

    Indicator Data Logger Radio/GPRS Radio/Control
1 Measure Parameter
2 Display Data
3 Log/Transmit Data  
4 Data Collation/Reporting    
5 Generate Action      


Advantages of Monitoring with Hanwell

  • A system can easily be expanded to include a wide range of parameters such as: temperature, energy, humidity, pressure, ammonia, CO2, and much more
  • Complete closed loop environmental monitoring and control system solutions
  • Hanwell offers many monitoring solutions from single application to multiple applications within multiple sites
  • Accurate, reliable, and durable hardware for long-term monitoring solutions
  • Proven radio range of 3 km over open ground
  • Comprehensive software with easy access to alarm notifications, reports, and analysis tools
  • Future proof system with simple and cost-effective upgrades and system expansion
  • Long-life and user-changeable battery

Radio-Wave Your Manual Checks Goodbye

Users have a durable and reliable system that can cover a range of 3 km over open ground, due to Hanwell radio technology. As the system has a wireless format, it is cost-effective and easy to install. The base station can receive a maximum of 253 sensor transmissions, and enables comprehensive monitoring by providing users with an optimum solution.

The most logical system format is radio, unless the monitoring needs are isolated (where a data logger option would be the most cost-effective solution). Radio monitoring removes the need to perform manual checks, and enables sending relevant data and alerts to a local PC or network for prompt action. Data can be fed into an organization’s network by other Hanwell radio-monitored sites for a multiple-site monitoring solution.

Typical Food Applications

Application Product
Freezers/Blast Freezer
Cold stores
Temporary Trailers (Chilled)
The RL407 transmitter can monitor between -30 °C and +65 °C using an internal temperature probe. Similarly, the RL1001 can measure between -30 °C and +65 °C but has been designed to be water tight.
RL401, RL410, RL4001, and RL4002 transmitters can monitor between -40 °C and +150 °C using an external temperature probe.
Cooking / processing / pasteurizing equipment monitoring The RL401 and RL410 transmitters can be used with a standard external probe and can measure up to +150 °C
The RL5000 probes can measure up to +1300 °C using thermocouples
Core temperature monitoring The RL4301 transmitter can be used with a 3-wire PT100 probe, RL4401 works with a 4-wire probe -100 °C to +110 °C
The Hanwell range of data loggers and radio transmitters provide users with a monitoring solution for a wide variety of food and beverage processing applications. Users can contact Hanwell to discuss their application and receive the most appropriate solution.


Complete Closed Loop Monitoring and Control

Other than just monitoring, Hanwell wireless systems can integrate control functionality into the system. The ability to monitor and control environments distinguishes Hanwell from other wireless monitoring system providers.

To suit its customers’ needs, the company’s closed loop monitoring and control solutions can be achieved in a number of ways. This can be done easily using the Hanwell MS1000 relay or analog cards to interface directly to a BMS system.

When a small number of sensor readings need to be interfaced to a BMS system, then MS 1000 system is preferred. However, a few options are available for larger systems with many sensor points:

  • Local radio receiver with Modbus RTU output
  • Modbus TCP service
  • OPC server (software to software communication)

Using Modbus or OPC, Hanwell wireless sensors can be interfaced to industry standard SCADA systems.

The schematic diagram below shows how a system can be used for standalone control:

  1. Transmitter records and sends data to CR2.
  2. The CR2 sends a command to the MS1000 to restore conditions, if a sensor has breached a predetermined setting.
  3. Data can be accessed by multiple servers if required as they are stored on a local network. Multiple users can access the site through their local PC/server.

The schematic diagram below shows how a system can be interfaced into a local BMS:

  1. Transmitter records and sends data to CR2.
  2. The CR2 sends a command to the BMS to restore conditions, if a sensor has breached a predetermined setting.
  3. Data can be accessed by multiple servers if necessary as they are stored on a local network. Multiple users can access the site through their local PC/server.

Creating Synergy Between You and Your Critical Environments

All of the Hanwell hardware is linked together with the Synergy software platform, which takes environmental monitoring data display to an advanced level. The software platform enables all transmitters to be configured, and the Synergy database features all recorded data.

Users can slice historical data in many ways through full data collection with tables, interactive graphs, and plan views for advanced analysis; users can also set alarms and report on alarms generated. Groups can be customized, which allows managing synergy user access levels. Users can easily manage whatever environmental data, whenever they need it from wherever they are.

Whatever You Need

  • Single or multi-user access for small, medium, or large monitoring needs
  • Data can be shared with users and permissions can be allocated to various data groups where required
  • Data collection and display of more environmental parameters as compared to other competitive products on the market
  • Quick overview of sites and/or sensor groups specified by individual users can be displayed
  • Tables, interactive graphs, and plan views can be accessed for detailed data analysis

Whenever You Need

  • Real-time data can be viewed 24/7
  • Immediate system, SMS, and email alarm notification to user-defined personnel
  • Easy and immediate generation of automated reports or accessing data through the system

Wherever You Are

  • Critical information can be accessed on the local PC, via company intranet or network and through the Internet
  • Data and settings can be viewed and interaction can be enabled from anywhere in the world using commercially available browser-based formats. For example IE or Firefox

Optional add-ons such as E-alarm and SMS-alarm provide email and SMS notification of alarms, respectively. RadioLog8 is available for validated users.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hanwell.

For more information on this source, please visit Hanwell Solutions Ltd.


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