Introducing the RS PRO Brand

Tradeshow Talks with RS Components
In this interview, RS Components talks to AZoM about why they are attending electronica this year.

Please could you introduce our readers to RS Components and why you are exhibiting at Electronica?

RS Components began 81 years ago in the UK and since then it has grown into an international business.

We’re attending Electronica as the exhibition is a great way of getting our message to the electronics and industrial community. The exhibition is also a great opportunity to connect with our customers, our suppliers, and to be inspired.

What is the story behind your RS PRO brand?

RS itself has been branding products under the RS brand since day one, 80 years ago. Over the years, our brand then diversified into different brands for different products. Around five years ago we decided that we'd made this too complicated, and that the market was getting fragmented, so we decided to collapse everything into one single brand - RS PRO. This means all of our products are now under one roof.

In the past, there was one brand for one type of product and another brand for a different type of product. We’d have a brand for tools, a brand for connectors, and so on. This meant that we would have customers who would be very familiar with one type of product, but they wouldn't necessarily be familiar, or even be aware, of our other products in other product areas.

Now with our full range, we can kit out an entire workshop under the RS PRO brand. Customers can buy the consumables, tools, measurement equipment, work wear, and even benchtop systems; all from one place.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We differentiate ourselves with quality. Rather than just taking someone else's product and putting our branding on it, we actually test the quality. We take the product apart, examine it, test it, and make sure it's suitable.

It's not just a case of trying to find something that's cheaper that we can sell under our own name. We want to provide our customers with something reliable.

Who are your target customers?

At the moment, we're working on the back of our existing customer base - MRO, research and development, and a lot of interesting segments in between.

We have got a lot of products at very accessible stocking locations, which means that they're available at very short notice. We have an international presence, but a locally stocked solution.

What do you have in store for the future?

RS PRO is still growing. Whilst RS has been running for 80 years, RS PRO is still a relatively new brand. We’re focusing on developing that brand and expanding its coverage.


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