QC of Cosmetic Products through Viscosity Measurement

Some of the factors that comprise the preferred viscous behavior of a cosmetic sample are flowability, processability, stiffness, and consistency. As such, they are essential parameters for quality control in the application and in all manufacturing procedures. The ROTAVISC series of viscometers enables accurate viscosity measurement along with ease of use.

The ideal viscosity of cream depends on the use, for example whether it should form a protective layer on the skin or penetrate the skin quickly. In the latter case, the cream enhances the smoothness of the skin, in the former, it shields against infection, for example when used on burned skin.

In both events, it should be easy to rub the cream on the skin in an even distribution. The respective viscous characteristics with various requirements according to the application can be verified through the measurement of viscosity at a range of shear rates.

It is therefore essential to manage the viscosity of the product under various loads as a way to ensure that the cream will keep a consistent degree of quality at all times.

Quality Control and Production Monitoring with ROTAVISC

Both in the development laboratory and quality control, the ROTAVISC viscometer is suitable for reliably and quickly establishing rheological parameters at various shear rates. The ROTAVISC can evaluate the viscosity of all viscous and liquid samples. It is also simple to use in an everyday laboratory routine.

With a reproducibility of ±0.2% and an accuracy of ±1% of the measuring range, the ROTAVISC achieves every requirement for dependable quality control and production monitoring for the complete range of cosmetic products.

Examples of Applications in Cosmetics

  • Soaps
  • Shower gel
  • Nail polish
  • Hair dyes
  • Lotions
  • Creams

Usability of ROTAVISC

All fluid samples, even up to the low-viscosity range, can be tested correctly and in a reproducible manner with the appropriate accessories. The user can also modify the device to suit their measuring containers so that sample decantation and a potential change to the sample structure, as a result, is not needed.

ROTAVISC is adapted to all traditional measuring requirements and all types of free-flowing media. Measurement results can be given in both absolute and relative terms.

Even unusual user questions can be responded to quickly because all measuring geometries are available from stock. The wide range of accessories and an intuitive user interface makes sure that ROTAVISC is completely usable.

The required parameters can be set quickly, which means that the staff tasked with performing rheological measurements hardly need any training.

Technical Features

Measurements adhering to DIN 53019 and relative measurements in line with ISO 2555 are achievable with ROTAVISC and the related measuring spindles. ROTAVISC identifies the temperature of the sample, which is essential for the viscosity measurement by utilizing a PT 100 sensor that can be immersed in the substance.

The user can store methods of measurement and make processes automatic without the need for a computer connection. This means that both ramp and step programs can be defined, which can then be standardized as often as the user requires.

Temperature Control

The sample viscosity is always dependent on its temperature. As such, the sample must always be measured isothermally. The IKA tempering equipment fulfills this need by utilizing immersion circulators along with cryostats for temperatures varying from -30 °C to 250 °C.

This extends ROTAVISC's field of application because the IKA laboratory software (outlined below) designed to control thermostats can be employed to determine rheological temperature ramps and record the subsequent viscosity changes.


All measuring instruments must be verified according to the ISO 17025 standard. ROTAVISC provides users with the option of performing this verification on their own.

Users can be completely independent because of the wide range of appropriate standard fluids available. For example, they can assess their device without external maintenance costs. They can verify whether all of the specified readings are within the required measurement accuracy range.

labworldsoft® 6 Visc

labworldsoft® software provides entirely new capabilities for the user. The measurement data recorded by ROTAVISC can be transferred and stored onto a computer using this software.

The software is also perfect for managing ROTAVISC. labworldsoft® can additionally use ROTAVISC to perform constant measurements. The measured data is stored and then available for assessment.

It is particularly beneficial that alternative parameters, for example the pH value, temperature and others, can be read and processed by different measuring instruments using the software, all while the viscosity is being measured. Therefore, any correlation that exists between the parameters can be verified directly.

IKA is at the customer’s disposal at all times if they have any usability questions or would like a quote.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by IKA.

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